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Celebrities All Around The Globe Are Using Frownies Too!

#39: Rene Russo: "Believing You're Not Good Past A Certain Age Is Certainly Not Beautiful."

Rene Russo uses Frownies to help keep her forehead lines at bay.

The former-model-turned-Hollywood’s-go-to- “older”-babe, insists of the little patches that were invented more than a century ago, “they have adhesive on one side, like a glue. You lick that side, separate your crease, put it on the crease, and sleep with it. And the next morning you look better. I swear by them."

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And the First 'Frownie Award' for Best Close-Up Goes to . . .

The Frownie Award, which bears the inscription "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille," was created by the makers of legendary Frownies Facial Pads, a non-surgical face lift used by Hollywood film stars for decades, including Gloria Swanson, who wore them in the classic film "Sunset Boulevard."

Over the years, Frownies have made it to the big screen on many faces. Besides on Swanson, Frownies were worn by Glenn Close in Mars Attacks (1996), and had cameo roles on Gwen Verdon in Cocoon (1985) and Meryl Streep in "Death Becomes Her" (1992).

Other actresses and celebrities who use Frownies include Rene Russo, Fashion Model Dayle Haddon, and many Soap stars. Famous make-up artists recommending Frownies include the House of Westmore, Oscar award-winning artist David Anderson, and Emmy award-winning artist Eve Pearl.

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