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Frownies In The Media

SHAPE Magazine, December 2005

Stick-on a temporary immobilizer. Relax expression lines with Frownies, facial pads that help re-educate your muscles."

New York Beauty, October 2005

NewYorkBeauty.com and Frutézia host the ultimate beauty bash on October 19, 2005 at the MannaHatta Restaurant & Lounge in New York City. Frownies is a proud member of the Beauty Bash VIP Goodie Bags.

BeautyNewsNYC.com, August 2005

"Roosevelt was in office, cars were a luxury item, ragtime was hip, and women existed to be fruitful and multiply—these symbols characterize the era when Margaret Kroesen created Frownies. A proud mother of her eldest, Alice, a concert pianist, Margaret created Frownies to combat her daughter’s premature aging, so the focus would remain on her music and not her nasiolabial lines..."

The Celebrity Cafe, July 2005

"Wrinkles, the awful 'W' word. We found many products to help combat those horrible lines we all get on our faces sooner or later...My personal favorites were Frownies Pads. When doing our research, we realized they have almost a cult following. They are being used by many celebrities and have been substituted for more painful treatments like Botox injections. You activate the pad with Frownies Hydrator Spray and stick them on. They make Frownies for the forehead and in between the eyes and for the corners of the eyes and mouth...We found quite a few good facial moisturizers for different types of skin. Frownies Immune Perfect (IP) Continuous Active Hydration is a gel cream that goes on very smoothly and contains biologically interactive antioxidants that are quickly absorbed into the skin."
GenLux, Spring/Summer 2005

"Our very own beauty editor swears by them and even went as far as to say that she saw a difference after one week's use."

Good Housekeeping, May 2005

"Easiest Wrinkle Reducer - Yes, the sun causes wrinkles, but squinting, laughing and brow furrowing are also to blame. So you can either stop smiling — not a fun option — or try Frownies. These stick-ons help pull skin taut so that your wrinkles will look a little smoother over time. Put them on before you go to bed (or, as some fans do, a few hours before a special event), and you'll emerge with fewer lines on your face."

The View on ABC, October 22, 2004

"Frownies are Hollywood's biggest secret. It's kind of like the natural Botox...You wet it, use the adhesive, and you stick it on those little areas where you have frowns...And basically when you sleep with this, it rejuvenates the muscles in your skin, and it gets rid of those lines...You do it while you're vacuuming, when you're sleeping...They do work, they really work." -Eve Pearl, View Crew Makeup Artist

Body and Soul, October 2004

"As herbal remedies and homemade treatments prove, the best beauty fixes aren't always complicated or expensive. Take Frownies - little antiwrinkle adhesive patches invented more than a century ago. These days a top seller at drugstores and boutique shops nationwide (one Manhattan apothecary keeps them behind the counter for customers who know to ask). Frownies adhere to the skin where unwanted wrinkles appear. Worn overnight, they prevent the skin from creasing and attempt to 'retrain' the muscles underneath to prevent further wrinkling. Two sizes are available, one for the forehead and between the eyes, and another for the corners of the eyes and mouth...Frownies also sells a 'rose-water hydrator' that can be used instead of water to moisten the patches..."

Prevention, November 2004

"Skin Savers...If Botox isn't for you, you can sleep with...a product such as Frownies on your brow. Frownies...literally hold your skin in place so it won't contract when you frown...[Frownies] are easy to apply and may soften your lines over time by training you not to frown."

O Magazine, December 2002

"Consider Frownies, they make a difference," according to Debra Jaliman, MD, instructor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Simply the Best, May 2002

"Funny name, Frownies. So call it Hollywood's Best Kept Beauty Secret since 1899, instead. Everyone from Gloria Swanson (she wore them in Sunset Boulevard) to Rene Russo (for the creases in her forehead) has tried it. They say 30 nights sleeping with these lil anti-wrinkle patches on is all you need to retrain your facial muscles and get a more youthful tone."

Town and Country, June 2002

"Frownies, you've surely heard of these strips of brown paper with dry adhesive on one side. At bedtime, you dampen the adhesive side and place it on your wrinkle. Rene Russo's a longtime user and swears they've taken ten years off her face. Good enough for me. I tried them, and after one night, I saw a distinct difference. The stiff little triangles aren't exactly comfortable, but I got used to them. For best results, use Frownies daily for a month, then three times a week for maintenance."

Sales Jump After Star Touts Cosmetics Company
By Claudia H. Deutsch
Published: December 4, 2003

(Excerpts from the article)

Frownies, the stick-'em-on nighttime facial pads smooth forehead wrinkles and crow's feet; ... (and) deep lines around the mouth.

The 114-year-old product became an overnight success.

"Frownies used to be a cult item, a secret that mothers passed on to their daughters," said Sophia Noyer, manager of cosmetics at Zitomer, a department store on Madison Avenue and 75th Street that has long sold Frownies. "Now socialites, actresses, a whole new segment of customers are giving the product a resurrection."

Women who balk at spending thousands of dollars a year to inject toxins into their faces may be prime fodder for Frownies, which are just pieces of paper coated with a vegetable-based adhesive that when moistened adhere to the face and mechanically coax the muscles back into shape.

... the 1930's Hollywood makeup artist Perc Westmore talked up the product, for example, and Gloria Swanson wore Frownies in a scene in "Sunset Boulevard."

"Every few months Perc would send a shoebox of inquiries to us, and business would spike up," Margaret Wright recalled.

The Sunday Times, March 2004
Published: March 14, 2004
(Excerpts from the article)

Frownies were invented in 1889 by Margaret Kroesen to help her daughter get rid of wrinkles, and have not changed since. The product apparently "trains" the underlying muscles of the face to relax, and needs to be used for at least three hours or, better still, while you sleep.

These days Frownies are made by B&P Company in Dayton, Ohio. It is run by Mrs Kroesen's granddaughter, Margaret Wright, and Wright's daughter-in-law, Kathy Wright. Frownies had been a fairly well-kept beauty secret for years, with the company selling only a few hundred boxes a week. But then actress Rene Russo told America's Good Housekeeping magazine that she used Frownies to smooth out the creases in her forehead and orders quadrupled overnight.

Kathy Wright believes that the product has been successful because many women are looking for a natural alternative to Botox and surgery to change the appearance of their faces. Botox is also expensive, costing on average $1,000 ($540) a treatment, and it needs to be topped up every few months.

Frownies, on the other hand, cost under $20 for a box of 144 and, according to the company, can change the look of wrinkles after just one day. Customers can use only one or a strip of Frownies across the lines they want to banish. The product's success has rejuvenated the company.

Wright is now hoping to expand sales by producing body lotions, men's products and food supplements. So if you are having trouble thinking up a new business idea, why not take a look back in time and see if you can find a neglected good idea from the past into which you can breathe new life.

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