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TUA 360° VS. Slimming Belts

TUA 360° is not your ordinary slimming belt. It is a advance technology Body Shaping belt that does so much more than slimming. It is proven to be effective and safe.

  • Using electrostimulation, TUA 360° can slim, firm, lift and tone every part of your body.
  • Vibration of the belt only works on your skin surface which is unable to help firm, lift and tone your body.
  • Address three problem areas – excess fat, lack of skin & muscle tone & muscular contraction.
  • Vibrating and massaging is only partially effective in reducing excess fat.
  • Improves circulation & metabolism to burn fat & slim body AND firms, lift & tones every part of the body by exercising the muscles using electrical stimulation.
  • Only improves circulation & metabolism to burn fat & slim body. Does not firm, lift or tone any parts of the body in anyway.
  • Effective in treating large surface areas (cellulites) and localized muscles.
  • Can only be used to vibrate or massage big surface areas.
  • Patented ROTOFIT system enable TUA 360° to be positioned at every part of your body to target muscle groups to slim, firm, tone and lift.
  • Ordinary massager that can only vibrate & massage to improve circulation of big body areas. Does not work on local spot areas.
  • 100% made in Italy, patented, clinically tested & scientifically proven. Best seller in the US & Europe.
  • Made in China/ Taiwan/ Korea with no patents & not tested or proven. Not available in the US & UK.
  • Patented & comfortable ROTOFIT system. Specially designed according to principles of professional slimming machines.
  • Big bulky slimming belts that vibrates and shakes body uncomfortably.
  • Handy, lightweight convenient without external plugs or wires; can be used anywhere anytime at your comfort & convenience.
  • Troublesome wires & connectors that require external electricity supply. Inconvenient & not mobile.



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