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Q. What is TUA TRE'ND Face and Body?
A. TUA TRE'ND Face and Body is the new and trendy generation of innovative electrical stimulation 2-in-1 mini gadget.  TUA TRE’ND Face & Body is a complete electrical stimulation device for treating every part of the body. It provides a full complement of body fitness, including the remarkable electrical stimulation facelift treatment.  It is a FDA-approved, patented, easy-to-use mini hand-held electro-stimulation device designed and manufactured in Italy.

Q. What does TUA TRE'ND Face and Body do?
A. This 2 in 1 mini gadget will help banish your wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead creases, double chins, visibly fats, tones and tightens facial muscles.  As well as lift, firm and tone chest, breasts and buttocks areas.  Fight localized cellulite, slim and tone abdominals and thighs, muscles building, and strengthening biceps and leg muscles.

Q. What does TUA TRE'ND Face and Body feel like?
A. It is very pleasant – the sensation is a smooth soothing vibration and a gentle pull.  The sponges give a soft comfortable feeling to your facial muscles, and meanwhile, the adhesive electrodes also give a soft and comfortable feeling to you body muscles, without the hassles of applying slimming creams or gels.

Q. What is the maximum level for the intensity? Will it hurt if I increase the intensity to a higher number?
A. It is very differs from one person to another, it is depends on how high intensity that your muscles can take it, you can adjust the intensity to your comfortable level.

Q. How long do I expect to see the results after using TUA TRE'ND Face & Body?
A. It is depends on your starting muscle tone and also your work-out consistency. You may start to notice the differences in as little as 2 weeks; within 12 weeks, you will notice of visible results.

Q. When should TUA TRE'ND Face and Body not be used?
A1. For the face, it must not be used by anyone suffering from multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, a nervous tissue disorder, an acute medical condition and an implanted pace maker patient.  If have the following medical conditions, which is, skin diseases, cuts, recent scar tissue, swollen glands and etc, please get the medical advise from doctor if you are in doubt.
A2. For the body, it must not be use during menstrual cycle period, pregnancy period and confinement period, this is because it might cause uncomfortable to the menstrual circulation.  However, you can use it after the wound of the labor is fully healed.

Q. Should I follow the sequence of the programs to exercise my face/body or I can choose the program randomly?
A.You can choose the program randomly according to your preference work-out programs.  For examples, you may want to work-out more on your eye bags, and then you can choose the programs that are meant for the eye bags.

Q. How often do I need to used TUA TRE'ND Face and Body in order to get really good results?
A.Generally to achieve a really good face lift, it is essentials that you use it faithfully for at least 5 treatments per week for the first 3 months.  You may see noticeable results sooner, however, if there are any particular areas of concern, for example, stubborn jowls, it may take a little longer than 3 months to get facelift results.  Once you are delighted with the results, you may reduce your work out to 2 to 3 treatments per week to maintain the lift and tone.

Q. Is TUA TRE'ND Face and body safe?
A.It is completely safe.  Professional electronic muscle stimulators have been used in hospitals, clinics and salons for over 40 years. TUA TRE'ND Face and Body units are clinically tested by a respected scientific research team and comply with strict international safety standards and quality controls, as well as FDA approved.

Q. Do I need to watch my diet in order to achieve the result?
A.Normal diet should be practice, over-eating will cause results to be worsened.

Q. How long is the warranty?
A.We offer a one-year warranty for all our units. If you have any problems you may return the unit to our office for repair.

Q. What does it comes with in a set of TUA TRE'ND Face & Body?
A.You will get an electro-stimulator with 2 outputs, 4 pieces of adhesive electrodes (35x45mm), 4 pieces of adhesive electrodes (40x90mm), 2 leads for electrodes, 1 mains adaptor, 1 operator manual, 1 DVD manual, and 4 pieces of rechargeable batteries.

Q. Where can I purchase the TUA TRE'ND & it's accessories?
A. You can purchase it at:
      Beauty Impress.Com Sdn Bhd
      51-2, The Boulevard Mid Valley City,
      Lingkaran Syed Putra,
      59200 Kuala Lumpur
      Hotline: 03-2287 2522

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