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Frequently Asked Questions About TUA YOU

Q: What is TUA YOU?
A: TUA YOU is the most comfortable, effective and intelligent way to model your body. Use YOU to reacquire the right tone without effort and without stealing time from your daily work. Just a few minutes a day, and see the fantastic results. YOU will lift your buttocks, slim your tummy, tone up your breasts, firm your thighs and combat the unsightly effects of cellulite.

Q: How does TUA YOU work?
A:TUA YOU works by the principle of electrostimulation, meaning electric impulses applied by means of electrodes to the skin, directly on the muscles which contract rhythmically and perform real and true physical exercise.

Q: What is the difference between TUA 360° and TUA YOU?
A: TUA YOU is more economical, lightweight and easy to carry. It is ideal for you to bring around or even when you travel, it is easy to carry. It is designed more specifically for certain body areas that are smaller, such as, arms, thighs and buttocks. TUA YOU has only two electodes while TUA 360° has four electrodes, therefore, it will take longer time for TUA YOU to work on bigger areas such as the abdomen.

Q: Who should use TUA YOU?
A: Anyone who wishes to get rid of the fats on the stubborn areas can use TUA YOU to help them.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: For more information, you can give us a call or be present at our showroom located at:

+603 2287 2522
51-2 The Boulevard Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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