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XFORMER - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use XFORMER?
A: All adult persons in good physical condition can obtain benefit from the use of XFORMER.  Some  contraindications do however exist that are clearly indicated at the start of this manual and which  must be scrupulously abided by. If in doubt, contact a doctor.

Q: Where can XFORMER be used?
A: The compact dimensions and light weight of XFORMER make this electrostimulation device easy to carry about and practical to use. It can accompany you practically anywhere. We nevertheless advise always selecting a comfortable position suitable for the type of muscles to be treated in order to have a pleasant workout.

Q: When can XFORMER be used?
A: Any time of the day is the right time to obtain benefits from electrostimulation.

Q: Can XFORMER be used several time a day?
A: An electrostimulation session performed properly is equivalent to a traditional workout. It is a good idea to give the muscles time to recover - one or two days after these have been stimulated. If however the currents used are weak or in the case of pain-relieving programs, several sessions are tolerable during the course of a day. Too many workouts will cause muscle tiredness.Normally,three workouts a week are recommended for each muscle group.

Q: There are sponge and electrodes in the unit. When should I use the sponge electrodes and when the solid gel adhesive electrodes?
A: XFORMER is the only electrostimulation device featuring two different types of electrodes, both able to provide the same degree of muscle stimulation.

The sponge electrodes have the advantage of being suitable for unlimited use and are easy to apply - thanks to the special elastic straps provided - only on large body parts such as thighs, buttocks or the abdominal area. This type of electrode also offers the advantage of not causing irritation, even on hairy parts of the body.

The solid gel electrodes on the other hand have the advantage of being easy and fast to apply on any part of the body, even though they must be replaced about every 10 or 15 applications as they tend to lose their conductivity.

Q: Why are the electrodes of different dimension?
A: The purpose of electrodes with different dimensions is to achieve different types of stimulation.The small electrodes normally concentrate the stimulation more and are more suited to small muscles. The larger ones spread the stimulation out more and adapt better to large muscles or large fatty areas.

Q: Why do the electrodes cause reddening of the skin?
A: In normal conditions, the skin underneath or around the electrodes should not redden.
Reddening only appears when the current finds transit resistance and stimulates the surface capillaries. This secondary effect does not however cause any sort of injury, neither to the skin nor the muscles. To prevent reddening, always clean the skin well before each application and periodically change the electrodes.

Q: Is it normal to feel a sense of tiredness?
A: Electrostimulation programs - especially those designed for sport - cause the muscles to work as if they were lifting weights in a gym. It is therefore quite normal to feel a slight sense of tiredness after an electrostimulation session.

Q: When do I see results?
A: After 2 or 3 weeks correct and regular use of electric stimulation will increases strength and muscle tone. The same goes for beauty programs, which above all affect also tone the underlying tissues. In the case of T.E.N.S. currents on the other hand, the benefit is already perceivable after thefirst application, but only lasts a few hours.

Q: Is XFORMER a safe electrostimulation appliance?
A: XFORMER is an appliance that operates exclusively thanks to the rechargeable batteries supplied with it and uses devices that cannot under any circumstances transmit intense or harmful currents.

Q: Does XFORMER conform with standards?
A: Your appliance has been designed and made in conformity with current international and European directives.

Q: How should I look after the electrodes?
A: The gel electrodes are excellent current conductors as long as their surface is clean and well hydrated. After each use, the electrodes should be delicately cleaned with a damp cloth, any traces of impurities should be removed and the thin transparent protective film should be fitted back on. Between one application and another, the electrodes are best stored in a fridge, or a place where their humidity characteristics remain unaltered.

Q: After how long should the electrodes be replaced?
A: The electrodes are subject to wear. The capacity to conduct current without causing skin reddening lasts for about 10 or 15 applications. New and original electrodes can be purchased from Beauty Impress.

Q: How should I clean my XFORMER?
A: If necessary, XFORMER can be cleaned with a cloth dampened in water or a mild detergent. Before cleaning always remove the batteries from their compartment.


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